Today, the Donohue, O’Connell and Riley team serves as tax, estate planning and elder law counsel to over 5,000 businesses and individuals, advising them on how to save taxes and structure their affairs to preserve their legacy and ensure a smooth transition of their hard-earned wealth between generations.



The Importance of Planning

A tree illustrates perfectly the natural cycle of rebirth and new beginnings that comes each spring. Life is built from the ground up and nurturing our unique abilities and working hard to establish secure roots will support our goals, weather storms and provide for our families. Planning is the key step to ensure that foundation grows into the enjoyable quality of life we envisioned for ourselves and our loved ones. An investment in proper planning provides the structure to reap the rewards of your life’s work, reach your goals and soak up the sunshine. Like the growth rings of a tree, the steps you take today to plan for future uncertainties will benefit your family and leave a legacy for future generations.
Read our latest blog, “A Guide to Widowhood” to learn some concrete steps you can take today to make the inevitable problems that come with the passage of time a little more manageable and a lot less stressful.

Areas of Practice

Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Successful business owners and professionals come to us based on our proven track-record of providing personal service, creativity and results.

Estate and Retirement Planning

We know conversations around health, finances, sensitive family dynamics, retirement and mortality can be difficult. We make it simple.

Elder Law

Our team of compassionate professionals work to fully understand your unique circumstances and consider all the dynamics at play.

Trust and Estate Administration

Our cutting edge fiduciary practice strikes a careful balance between providing flexibility when business and family circumstances change, while efficiently shielding assets from creditors and taxation.

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