Terrie Harman

Of Counsel

Attorney Harman joined the firm’s Exeter office in October 2019 as an of counsel attorney. For over 40 years, Terrie has represented clients in the federal and state courts of New Hampshire and Maine as Harman Law Offices. Her practice areas included commercial and civil litigation, as well as estate planning and probate matters. She also represents clients in Internal Revenue Service and state taxation issues, including disputes and litigation. She is also certified as a mediator and is a former Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee.

Terrie is passionate about representing consumers and businesses who confront issues where money and finance intersect the law. When clients encounter controversies with the Internal Revenue Service and have seemingly unmanageable tax obligations, she serves as a trusted advisor and provides solutions as legal counsel.

Terrie also enjoys opportunities to give back to the local community. She shares her knowledge by speaking to various legal, accounting, banking, and charitable organizations.

Having studied music at her undergraduate school, she continues her passion for music by serving as the director of music and organist at Exeter Congregational church, where she also conducts a handbell choir.