A key element of many estate plans is the creation of trusts for tax-savings and asset protection. Our firm is well-versed when it comes to income and estate tax planning across jurisdictions and understands both sides of the planning equation to strike the balance between maximizing control and shielding assets.

Along with helping to establish trusts and structure their provisions, the attorneys at our firm often serve as the fiduciaries and work with our client’s team of financial advisors and professionals to oversee the investment of assets and carry out our client’s wishes. In this role, we assume responsibility for administering the trust, exercise discretion as needed. We work with our client’s accountants to address tax compliance issues across jurisdictions, domestic and foreign.

Our Fiduciary Services encompass:

  • Serving as Executor of Will
  • Serving as Trustee of your Trust
  • Serving as Agent under your Power of Attorney

“I am a lawyer and have been an executor on other accounts. Its not easy. With the team at Donohue, O’Connell and Riley, I have every confidence that if I die first, Joe will be there for my husband and help him through it all.”