Regardless of where you live, you can take advantage of New Hampshire’s favorable trust laws through our firm’s presence. Over the years, the Granite State has developed some of the most favorable trust laws in the country and our attorneys can help you capitalize on this tax savings opportunity.

Once the trust is created, assets in the trust legally avoid income and estate taxes. Your assets are protected as your investments grow, since the growth is also exempt from state and federal estate taxes. New Hampshire trusts allow for flexible distributions for you and your family and enhanced asset protection from creditors.

Our clients have transparent, real-time online access to their accounts for peace of mind and security. The investment portfolios can be self-managed or seamlessly managed by your personal investment advisor. Our service is on-going to keep your plan up-to-date and assure that expectations are met.

“New Hampshire, in fact, has become a kind of mini-Switzerland for wealthy Northeast families.” 

The Wall Street Journal

“New Hampshire is arguably the best jurisdiction to establish a trust relationship in any state of the country.” 

The New Hampshire Business Review

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