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At Donohue, O’Connell & Riley, we believe in lifelong education as an opportunity to gain new insights, plan for the future and strategize on how best to reach your goals. With this perspective, we have developed these downloadable worksheets and workbooks as interactive tools with actionable ideas, to serve as a framework for important conversations with your family and focused collaboration with your trusted advisors.
Our attorneys have tried to distill over 100 years of collective experience working with a diverse group of clients to answer questions, prevent misconceptions and effectively communicate how to protect assets, avoid tax traps, transfer wealth and further philanthropic goals. We hope these resources pique your interest on a whole range of important estate planning topics, to help you better understand the process and your options.
The truth is, everyone has an estate, comprised of everything they own including a home, car, accounts, real estate, investments, insurance and personal property. No matter how significant or how modest, you need a plan so that your wishes will be carried out and your assets will be passed on to the people and organizations you care most about. A solid estate plan can have a big impact on your spending power, your quality of life and your legacy.

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